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182cm Man on Omega. Almost a perfect chair.

I am 182cm tall and so was really split between the Omega and Titan but went with the Omega in the end due to the price and severe lack of room in my bedroom. The chair seems relatively sturdy and seems quite comfortable at first. There are a few parts of the chair which I believe for the price paid, could be done better.

Not so good points:
1. The arm rests seem good at first, but they are quite hard. I'm skinny, so my elbows over time begin to ache from using the chair.
2. The arm rests are adjustable to a certain degree, but I can't get them close enough into my body, even loosening the screws on the bottom of the chair and re-positioning them, along with the left to right adjustment don't do enough.
3. When positioning the chair to fit close to my desk the arm rests do not have enough adjustment and end up digging into the leather of the backrest. My set up is awful though due to having a laptop, and not having enough room for an external keyboard on my desk, so I need to be very close to the desk otherwise my shoulders ache from hunching forwards.
4. The back rest when first putting the chair together would not align properly. I wrote to Secretlab and they told me to take it apart and reassemble it. Surely this should not happen in the first place.
5. I know that it is bad for posture but sometimes I like to cross my legs/one leg while sitting at a desk, but the chair has slanted side cushions that stop you from doing this.
6. And regarding the same as before, these cushions allow only about a 45 degree man spread, and for me some days that can be uncomfortable.
7. This did not fix my back problems, I stand up sometimes and am in excruciating pain, but this is not the fault of the chair, I just can't say it was a miracle cure for me.

Good points:
1. The chair is hard wearing, after owning it for almost a year it's still in great condition and the leather is still looking new. I use it for a few hours per day as an office chair.
2. The chair is...

Exactly what I expected

Happy with the chair, fulfilled all the expectations I had of it: sturdy, adjustable as per specs, and comfortable. Only issue I had with it was that the chair is not too breathable, and I do tend to sweat down my back quite a lot while sitting in it for prolonged periods. The lumbar pillow also appears to be designed to not be sitting at the base of the chair seat, but a bit higher in the small of your back, which would be easier if it had a strap. Other than that, very happy with the chair.

Omega Review

Bought 2 omega's for my wife and me. Assembly was relatively easy, the hardest thing to do was aligning the side covers. chair was initially quite firm on the bum but you get used to it, i like the wings they are supportive without feeling to restrictive. The neck pillow is great just the right hight for me but for my wife its a little to high with no way to lower it,

All Good!

It is just perfect! Fits me great and it is very comfortable. Quality Build. No Cons at all.

Secret Lab Chair

Comfortable. Looking forward to purchase the next chair