Secretlab x Batman

Introducing the most comfortable way to celebrate 8 decades of Batman.

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Out of the shadows, comes the most comfortable way to celebrate 80 years of crime-fighting excellence. With the Batman logo custom-embroidered, this is the award-winning sitting experience preferred by the World's Greatest Detective. This is the all-new Secretlab Dark Knight Edition.
Secretlab Chairs Features

Built for resilience. Designed for comfort.

Experience a long-lasting, plush feel with Secretlab PRIME™ PU Leather

Made to give you just the right amount of softness and flexibility, the signature Secretlab PRIME™ PU Leather delivers a premium sitting experience while remaining easy to maintain. Having exceeded the rigorous Martindale Abrasion Test by 5 times the standard, and attained the BS5852 certification for fire safety, you can enjoy your award-winning chair for endless hours.

Enhance your sitting position with the Secretlab 4D Armrests

Easily personalize support for your elbow and wrist with the Secretlab 4D armrests as you can move each armrest in a myriad of directions. Left, right, angled left, angled right, forwards, backwards, up, down, adjust each amply PU-padded armrest to have it suit your exact support needs without risk of carpal tunnel.

Nap extra comfortably with Full-length Backrest Recline

Whether you’re watching your favorite videos or taking a power nap, the full-length backrest can recline almost fully so you can lie down completely strain-free while enjoying all the ergonomic support.